Delivery Assurance

Verify's Supply Chain Delivery Assurance services assure customers receive product on time from their suppliers. Utilising a proven team, best-practice processes, and a flexible online system, Verify can perform integrated, managed, and tailored services for a multi-tiered global supply chain. Three types of services work in sequence to improve supplier on-time delivery:

  • Critical Recovery - Restores and/or assures the supply of product that is critical per the customer’s master production schedule.
  • Delivery Improvement - Applied to the fractional portion of the customer’s supply chain that is causing most of the shortage problems.
  • Delinquency Prevention - Applied to the customer’s well-performing suppliers as a proactive prevention against late deliveries.

On-time Delivery

A broad range of engineering and management techniques are utilised to perform these services.

Supplier Development

Supplier supply chain processes are assessed relative to best practices. Recommendations for improvement are made for functional areas including forecasting, master planning, material planning, procurement, inventory planning, production control, warehouse management, shipping and logistics.

Root Cause Analysis

The integrative process of stakeholders to determine fundamental reasons for non-conformities. Corrective actions are then determined for each non-conformity.

Capacity Assessment

The quantitative and qualitative assessment of supplier’s ability to manufacture the mix and quantity of customer’s requirements within the construct of total demand from all customers.

Sub-Tier Supplier Control

Assures sub-tiers are aligned with supplier and customer requirements.

Statusing / Expediting

Validating the position of materials in manufacturing process. Improvement in supplier commitments are achieved based on analysis of remaining processes.